the ladies love it…

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  1. reiyo says:

    It’s a commercial of rice cooking machine~ I thought it was a TIME CLOCK Q(#O#)P

  2. saver says:

    my first guess was cd-player

  3. lilli says:

    looks like a fashionable atomic bomb…Jack Bauer where are you?

  4. lisi says:

    I want one! … but more to the point, I want a camera like yours, Alex! What kind of camera is it, and do you tweak your photos much before the go on the page?

  5. arekusu says:

    I use a Panasonic FZ8… it has a Leica Lense and the picture quality is very nice. Of course, it can not compare to a DSLR, but it also only costs a tenth of a DSLR… :)
    In regard to post processing… Yes, all pictures on this page are post processed on the computer… Some more, some less… For this particular picture, not very much was done… I adjusted the levels, the colors, added some saturation, contrast and sharpening…

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