me at the beach

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  1. Reiyo says:

    He He He~~still can see “little beer belly”~~FAT BOY!! It’s time for sport!!

  2. arekusu says:

    its no beer belly… it is my “beer muscle”!

  3. Reiyo says:

    ohhhh…you must did a lot of practice! so centralized!!!

  4. arekusu says:

    yes, I try to train the beer muscle on a daily basis.
    It’s not easy, but somebody has to do the job ;)

  5. Reiyo says:

    yeah~~I thought so too!! soon you may have beer ass too!!

  6. saver says:

    well reiyo, if you want to know what will happen, check this out. including the “beer ass”!:

  7. Reiyo says:

    Dear Saver,

    Very nice!! Excellent! Oh,yeah! Alex reminds me that you forgot making his head bald!!

  8. arekusu says:

    yeah, maybe I will turn out to look like a typical Bavarian… big beer belly and no hair…
    The goal is to look like the monk on the Augustiner Bottle:

  9. Reiyo says:

    REIYO……-> 0(~”~)8

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