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arekusu on waterfall from above: it is in wulai, Taipei County, Taiwan

fireboy on waterfall from above: nice place :) where is it?

Calvyn on the cathay cinema theater: is this china branch for cathay cineplex?

camera nasty on the cathay cinema theater: very nice

aleknest on deserted ufo resort: Fi. Trash. But pretty trash :)

reiyo on long car is looooooong ^^: White car is whiiiiiiiiiiiiiite^^

arekusu on welcome to guam: Funny thing is: The label on this flower-collar read: "Aloha...

greg on whale fountain: Great, I'd like to have that. I've been had, thought...

arekusu on nanwan beach: It actually is an atomic power plant... but we didnt...

arekusu on resting: yes,what can I say... Its a milk can!!! no, you're right...

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