about me

I am a 32 year old German living in Taiwan. I live on the north-west coast of the island in the beautiful town of Danshui, near the capital Taipei.

If you want to send me an email, please write to alex_japan@gmx.net

about the photos

Most of the pictures in this photoblog are taken in Taiwan or other countries in Asia. However this photoblog is not limited to pictures from Asia… I just take photos everywhere I go, and if they turn out nice, they will be uploaded here!

I decided to start this photoblog, when I got a new digital camera in May 2007. Therefore, all photos on this site are taken with a Panasonic Lumix FZ8. Some of the macro shots are done with an additional Raynox DCR 250 lens.

Post processing the pictures on the computer is an essential part of digital photography for me.

Hence, almost all photos on this site are post processed in in some way before being uploaded… Some more, some less… (and some maybe too much…)

I don’t include the original EXIF data of the shots, for layout reasons. But If you are interested in aperture, shutter speed, post precessing etc. of a specific picture, just post your question in the comments, and I will be happy to answer you.

All photos published on this website (i.e. www.arekusu.de) are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Creative Commons License

about this photoblog

This photoblog has been realized using Wordpress and the YAPB plugin by Johannes Jarolim. As template, I modified the phT theme by Fran Simó to fit my needs… Many thanks to all these projects and individuals for your great work!

Oh yeah, and of course a big thanks to Softbox (the best IT company in the world) for hosting this little site of mine!

what about the old arekusu.de site?

The old arekusu.de site documenting my 2002 stay in Japan has been moved to japan.arekusu.de. You can also visit another photoblog-like-site of mine at www.japanfooddiary.net.


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